Further Consideration Of Crucial Issues In Selection Interview

Translation: Here, Graham explains his counterintuitive claim that an individual investor has a great advantage over the large institutions. He is clear that the more money an investor has, the more disadvantaged he is. This is because large investors have a smaller selection of stocks from which to choose. They can can only invest in large-cap companies. Small investors, on the other hand, can invest in any sized company. Additionally, bigger companies are less likely to be mispriced due to their popularity. Part 3 Grahams answers to the above questions from “A Conversation with Benjamin Graham” show how confident he was that individual investors could succeed on their own. There is no need to pay professional money managers. Theres no reason individual investors cant match or beat the market by themselves. Although the topic of these questions revolve around index funds, youll see in part 3 which simple strategies Graham recommended for individual investors.

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selection interview

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